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A Karaoke Mic for Toddlers and Preschoolers!

This microphone is the first of it's kind designed specifically for 2-5 year olds! It comes pre-loaded with 15 classic kid songs... AND it connects to your smart device via Bluetooth to stream that song you've had on repeat for weeks.

Kids love danicing around with the mic to their favorite songs, hearing their own voice in HD sound, and using the voice effects! This is as close as it gets to a "sure thing" toy!

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15 CLASSIC SONGS - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Wheels on the Bus, ABC's, and more! All your little one's favorite karaoke songs!

PLAY ANY SONG - Connect to a phone/tablet with Bluetooth! This 2 in 1 speaker/mic can play music from any app like Spotify, YouTube, or Apple Music.

QUALITY SOUND - Designed with the best acoustic speakers for high volume and quality sound.

VOICE EFFECTS - Kid's will have a blast will have a blast making their voice low/high pitched.

frequently asked questions

Can I play music from YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music?

Yes, absolutely! You can play music from any app on your phone. Just connect to your phone over Bluetooth.

How do I connect it to my phone with Bluetooth?

1. Open your settings in your phone

2. Scroll and open "Bluetooth"

3. Make sure Bluetooth is on

4. Make sure the Mic is on and in Bluetooth mode (small button on the top)

5. Click on "Kidz Bop" under My Devices

6. The mic will say "Connected!"

7. Stream music from any music or video App

Is the charger included?

Yes! A Micro-USB to USB cable is included.

How long does it take to fully charge? 

The LED on the mic should turn green when it is fully charged. Charge time is roughly 2 hours. Singing time is 6-8 hours, depending on the volume level you use.

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