Red, White, Blue, and Bubbly! Introducing the USA Bubble Machine

Red, White, Blue, and Bubbly! Introducing the USA Bubble Machine

With the summer sun blazing and the kids buzzing with energy, we’ve been feeling that Americana nostalgia. That’s exactly the feeling Cole Ranze, Director of Product Design, was trying to evoke when we created the USA Bubble Machine! Inspired by the designs of traditional firecracker or bottle rocket designs, we set out to bring some bubble magic to the dog days of summer and provide a safe alternative to fireworks that are perfect for kids. 

“Growing up, 4th of July was always one of my favorite holidays. I loved going on trips with my dad to pick-out the biggest, loudest, most powerful looking fireworks. We’d light them off all night in the backyard. Fireworks are now banned in my state, so this item seems like the best alternative item for kids to still get that magical experience.”
- Brenden McMorrow, Move2Play Founder

This magic maker isn't just for the kiddos - it's your secret weapon for making summer gatherings sparkle with excitement. Let's dive into some awesome ways you can use the USA Bubble Machine to make this summer unforgettable! 

Backyard BBQs:

Fire up the grill and get those burgers sizzling because your backyard BBQ is about to get bubbly! Set up the USA Bubble Machine and watch as it transforms your yard into a wonderland. The kids will be entertained for hours, chasing bubbles and laughing, giving you a chance to enjoy some well-deserved chill time. And hey, those bubbles make for some pretty cool Instagram shots too! Just make sure you tag us. ;)

Patriotic Parades:

Ready to rock those patriotic parades? Grab your USA Bubble Machine and let the bubbles fly high! Whether you're marching in the parade or cheering from the sidelines, bubbles add that extra oomph to the festivities. Kids' faces light up, and let's be real, adults can't resist the magic either. It’s pure, unadulterated joy floating on the breeze!

Pool Parties:

Pool parties are a blast, but add in a USA Bubble Machine, and you’ve got a splash-tacular event on your hands. Position it poolside and let the bubbles dance over the water. It keeps the kids moving and grooving, and the whole scene looks like a fairytale come to life. Perfect for making those summer memories extra special.

Family Reunions:

Family reunions are all about reconnecting, honoring our families and making new memories. With the USA Bubble Machine, you can bring everyone together in a cloud of bubbly fun. It’s perfect for all ages, from toddlers to grandparents. Watch as everyone joins in the fun, sharing laughs and making memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, it’s a great icebreaker for those long-lost relatives!


There you have it, friends! From parades and BBQs to pool parties and weddings, USA Bubble Machine is your ticket to a summer filled with laughter and joy. It’s not just about the bubbles; it’s about creating moments that make life magical. And remember, it’s all about finding fun, movement-based play that keeps the kiddos active and happy. So go ahead, dive into summer with a bubble-tastic twist and let the good times roll! Cheers to a bubbly summer! 🫧

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