The Importance of Tummy Time: Toys and Tips for New Parents

The Importance of Tummy Time: Toys and Tips for New Parents

Tummy time is crucial for your baby's development, aiding in muscle strength, motor skills, and sensory awareness. Here’s a quick guide to making tummy time effective and enjoyable with the right toys and tips.


Why Tummy Time Matters

  • Strengthens Muscles: Builds neck, shoulder, and core muscles essential for milestones like crawling.
  • Prevents Flat Spots: Reduces the risk of flat spots on the head.
  • Develops Motor Skills: Promotes skills for rolling over and sitting.
  • Enhances Sensory and Visual Development: Stimulates touch and spatial awareness, improves vision coordination.

Top Toys for Tummy Time

  1. 4-in-1 Baby Play Mat & Activity Center Gym
    • Features: Detachable toys, adjustable arches, and varied textures.
    • Benefits: Promotes reaching and lifting during play.
  2. Pink Giraffe
    • Features: Soft and comforting with safe, embroidered details.
    • Benefits: Encourages grasping and exploration.
  3. Ring Stacker
    • Features: Colorful rings for fine motor skills and coordination.
    • Benefits: Easy-to-grasp design for reaching and stacking.
  4. Feed the Fish - Pink
    • Features: Interactive with bright colors and easy handling.
    • Benefits: Engages baby in lifting and reaching movements.
  5. Double Sided Piano Mat
    • Features: Interactive keys and activities for auditory and visual stimulation.
    • Benefits: Encourages movement and exploration.
  6. Talkin' Sportz - Soccer
    • Features: Interactive sounds and safe design.
    • Benefits: Promotes active play and coordination skills.

Tips for Effective Tummy Time

  • Start Early: Begin with short sessions from day one.
  • Increase Gradually: Work up to 20-30 minutes daily by 3 months.
  • Use a Comfortable Surface: Ensure a soft, safe space like a play mat.
  • Engage and Play: Use toys and interact to make tummy time enjoyable.
  • Be Patient: Some babies may fuss initially; stay positive and patient.

By integrating these toys and tips, you can maximize the benefits of tummy time for your baby’s growth and development. Explore Move2Play’s range of toys designed to enrich tummy time and support your baby’s early milestones.

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