The Ultimate Family Summer Bucket List: Free Printable!

The Ultimate Family Summer Bucket List: Free Printable!

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to create unforgettable memories with our little ones. Here’s a summer bucket list packed with fun, movement-based activities that will keep your kiddos smiling and active. Remember, it’s all about enjoying the moment and making memories—not about perfection.

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Backyard Camping:

Set up a tent in the backyard, gather cozy blankets, and have a family campout. Don’t forget the marshmallows for a mini s’mores session!


Child holding unicorn bubble blower toy with batteries and bubble solution included. Handheld design with durable, water-resistant features and easy-grip handle. Produces thousands of bubbles per minute for fun-filled occasions like birthdays and playdates.


Bubble Bonanza:

Grab a bubble machine and let the kids chase bubbles around the yard. This simple activity is always a hit and great for burning off energy.

DIY Water Park:

Transform the backyard into a mini water park with a sprinkler, water balloons, and a small inflatable pool to cool off on hot days.



Nature Scavenger Hunt:

Create a list of items to find in nature and head to a local park or backyard. This activity encourages exploration and curiosity about the natural world. 

Indoor Game Olympics:

When you need to beat the heat, play with Move2Play toys like the Giraffe Play & Score Activity Center or Red Light Green Light. If you’re feeling competitive, award points and have a ceremony for the winner at the end!



Picnic at the Park:

Pack a simple picnic with bento boxes for the fam and head to a favorite park. Let the kids run and play while we relax on a blanket.



Ice Cream Making:

Use a simple ice cream maker and let the kids help make our own ice cream for a fun, hands-on activity ending in a delicious treat.

Craft Day:

Set up a craft station with paper, markers, glue, and other supplies. Let the kids’ creativity run wild with themed crafts.


Kids Mini Karaoke Machine featuring 20+ pre-loaded kid songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Wheels on the Bus. Connects to phone or tablet via Bluetooth for playing songs from Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Portable, durable design perfect for playdates and open mic nights. Includes 4 voice effects and echo mode for quality sound. Rechargeable battery provides up to 6 hours of playtime.


Karaoke Dance Party:

Turn on some upbeat music and have a dance party in the living room or backyard. It’s a great way to get everyone moving and having fun. Toss in glow sticks and a karaoke machine that lights up like ours, and you’re good to go! 

Visit a Farm or Petting Zoo:

Spend a day at a local farm or petting zoo. It’s educational and entertaining, and the kids will love getting up close with the animals.



Family Bike Ride:

Go for a family bike ride, choosing a safe, scenic route to explore the neighborhood or local trails.

Movie Night Under the Stars:

Set up an outdoor movie night with a projector and blankets. Pop some popcorn and enjoy a family-friendly movie under the stars.

Obstacle Course:

Create a fun obstacle course in the backyard with hula hoops, cones, and other items to challenge the kids.


Let’s enjoy these precious moments with our kids, making this summer one to remember!

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