"We are stuck inside our houses, this game gets my 3.5 YO niece up running, walking, crawling and dancing!" - Michelle

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 4.9

Get Off the Couch and Play!

Recommended for boys and girls ages 2-7 years old. You can play alone or with friends! It can detect motion up to 20+ feet away! 3 entertaining games keep kids engaged and being active. Red Light Green Light has 30+ sound FX and lights!

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1. RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT – Run on “green”, freeze on “red”. if the motion sensor catches you moving on “red” go back to the starting line. First to press the finish button wins

2. SNEAKY STEPS – Move slowly! If the motion detector catches you moving too fast go back to the starting line. First to press the finish button wins.

3. STOPLIGHT BOOGIE – Listen to the song. Do the dance move! Make sure you freeze on red light!

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What are the recommended ages? 

We generally recommend than this toy is best suited for boys and girls 2-7 year's old. Kids older than 7 can still have a blast with it.

Does it come with batteries?

No. 3xAA batteries are required. Use new batteries as the motion sensing is not reliable at low battery.

Does Red Light Green Light detect motion?

Yes, the toy includes a motion sensor. It is sensitive, so for best use make sure nothing is moving near the toy when playing - like pets or fans.

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