7 Best Developmental Toys For Babies 6-12 Months

Developmental toys for babies help stimulate a baby’s physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. By playing with these toys, babies can explore their natural curiosity and build upon their basic skills. The variety of textures, shapes, and sizes of these toys can help a baby learn new skills, such as reaching, grasping, and manipulating objects. Additionally, the bright colors, interesting sounds, and interactive features of some of these toys can help to keep a baby engaged and help to stimulate creativity and imagination.

1. Baby Rattles and Teethers:

Teething can be painful, and babies often find relief when they can chew on something. Teethers are
designed to be safe for babies to chew on and provide them with relief and comfort.

2. Push and Pull Toys:

Babies can learn to walk by pushing or pulling the toy and it helps to build strength and coordination. Push and pull toys
also help to encourage active play, which is important for a baby’s development. They help to stimulate the baby’s senses and can even help
with problem-solving skills.

3. Soft Books:

Soft books with simple pictures and stories can help babies to develop their language and literacy skills.

4. Building Blocks:

Building blocks help babies to develop problem-solving skills, and encourage creativity and imagination.

5. Activity Centers:

Activity centers encourage babies to explore their environment and develop motor skills.

6. Musical Toys:

Musical toys help babies to learn about rhythm and music.

7. Play Mats:

Play mats provide a safe place for babies to explore and help to develop balance and coordination.

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