Safety Tips for Kids Toys: What Parents Need to Know

Safety Tips for Kids Toys: What Parents Need to Know

Every child deserves a fun and safe play experience and, as parents, it is our responsibility to ensure their safety. Providing a safe environment where children can explore, create and move without having to worry about anything is so important! Read on for some essential safety tips that parents need to know to keep playtime both exciting and safe.

Choose Age-Appropriate Toys

It is no surprise that kids who are particularly young have no problem exploring and navigating toys. The only problem is that sometimes this exploration may include eating, licking, or just about anything else you can imagine! Understanding your child’s developmental status and realizing what they can or can’t handle is necessary to make sure they are having fun while also being safe. Toys designed for older children can pose serious hazards to littles, including choking, strangulation, or injury.



-Check Age Recommendations: Always read the age recommendations on toy packaging.

-Evaluate Skill Level: Consider your child’s developmental stage and abilities when selecting toys.

-Avoid Small Parts: For young children small parts can be a choking hazard for children under three years old.


Inspect Toys Regularly

Kids have minds of their own. Sometimes having a mind of your own means being somewhat reckless. This, of course, never dawns on the kids because all they are worried about is having fun. However, sometimes toys can break and have sharp edges, making them very dangerous to young children. Regular inspection can help identify broken or worn-out toys that may pose a risk.



-Check for Damage: Look for cracks, sharp edges, or loose parts.

-Repair or Discard: Fix broken toys immediately or dispose of them if they can't be safely repaired.


Ensure Non-Toxic Materials

One of the ways kids (especially younger children) explore new things is, unfortunately, by putting them in their mouths. Taking this into consideration, you should always ensure that the toys they play with are made of non-toxic materials essential for safety. Move2Play’s Feed the Fish toy is a great example of this.



-Check Labels: Ensure toys are labeled as non-toxic.

-Research Brands: Choose reputable brands known for adhering to safety standards.


We love that kids are so adventurous and willing to explore, but with that comes several precautions parents must take for their optimal safety. Now, you're armed with some pointers to make sure your kiddos stay safe!

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