Pass the Potato!


Don't be the last one with the spud when the time runs out! Includes over 30 hilarious sayings, sound FX, and Music. Smart sensors responds to a Tap, Shake, or Toss.

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CLASSIC GAME - Get ready to channel your inner potato ninja and pass the spud like your life depends on it! It’s a race against time as you frantically pass it around, to avoid being left with the explosive potato of shame when time expires!

HILARIOUSLY INTERACTIVE - Our super-smart potato sensors bring the spud to life in potato-rrific fashion. Whether you toss, shake, or tap, the potato will respond with “spud-tastic” puns leaving you peeling with laughter.

30+ PHASES & SOUND EFFECTS – This potato knows how to serve up laughter with a side of crispy humor. With over 30 hilarious sayings, this spud is ready to take your little ones on a wild potato adventure that will have them giggling on the floor.

ACTIVE PLAY - Time to bid farewell to your couch potato days and unleash your inner athlete with some energetic fun! Laugh, pass, jump, and dodge as you bravely face the ticking potato time bomb! Adjustable high/low volume so you can take the party indoors or out.


4 x 4 x 7 in

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3xAAA batteries are included. Tap Shake and Toss To Play!


Feel free to machine-wash your Hot Potato just remember to first remove the internal music box before proceeding with the washing process.

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